1. Innate Proofs

Loving immortality and the attribute of survival after death is a natural desire of mankind and hence, it appears to have been held by human beings from the earliest of times. In general, when there is an instinct there must be a satisfaction for it. As when there is a feeling of thirst, there must be water satisfying the instinct of that thirst.

The instinct of immortality will not be satisfied unless there is an immortal life after this mortal one.

2. Proof of Wisdom

There are number of Ayaat in the Quran providing this proof. For instance see: 15: 85, 23:115.

We are living in a meaningful world in which everything has a purpose and an aim. If death were the end of everything, the creation of the entire universe would be in vain.

 3. Proof of Justice

Justice is one of God’s attributes. The whole universe is established on justice. However, the history of man presented many criminals that never received their full punishment in this world. How many innocent people are killed without their murderers found? How many properties are stolen and the thieves never caught? Therefore, there must be a great day of judgment in which all tyrants, oppressors, and criminals will be judged with justice. 

4. Proof of Movement and Aim

Man is proceeding towards his purpose of creation with a gradual evolution and movement.

If death were the end of life the purpose of life would not be reached. In other words, accepting a purpose for this life is meaningless without believing in the Hereafter. From an Islamic point of view, mankind is like a ship starting a journey from the border of non-existence proceeding within the river of existence and finally anchoring in the eternal ocean of existence towards God.

5. Physical and Spiritual Resurrection

Human beings are a combination of soul and body. These two ingredients are so mixed up with each other that the pain and pleasure of each one has effects on the other. Psychosomatic disorders are examples of this interaction. Such a mutual effect and relation will be temporarily cut off by physical death. Yet on the Day of Resurrection both the body and soul go back to each other to experience a thorough pleasure or pain. They may have a taste of pain or pleasure by themselves, but the complete one will not be obtained unless both are together. That is why a painful or pleasurable dream is not the same as that in real life in which both the body and soul are together.

Therefore, from an Islamic point of view, Resurrection is going to be both physical and spiritual. Hundreds of Ayaat in the Holy Quran explicitly indicate that mankind will be raised with the same body they owned in this world.