1. Responsibility Necessitates Prophets

God has blessed man with the freedom of choice and holds him responsible for his belief and behaviour. The responsibility involves a Shari’a (divine law). The Shari’a will not be accomplished unless by sending Prophets.

2. To Teach Mankind their Duty Before God

Safwan Ibn Yahya; one of the distinguished students of Imam Sadiq (a.s) in theology, reported one of his debates about the necessity of the need for the Prophets as follows:

“Surely, once one knows he has a Creator, then it is expected from him to also know that his Lord has Satisfactions and Dissatisfactions and that they will not be understood except through a revelation or a Messenger. Thus, those who do not receive the revelation should seek the knowledge from the Messengers (of God) for they are the proof of God and their obedience is obligatory.”

3. Punishment Without Education is Unjust

God will punish the sinner in the Hell-Fire and will reward the righteous ones with a variety of blessings in Paradise. In order for mankind to refrain from sins and offer the virtuous deeds, they need to first know them. Human intellect does not suffice to gain this knowledge. Therefore, it would be unjust for God not to send any Messenger to educate humans and then still hold them accountable. 

4. Regulating man’s worldly life

Humans are, by nature, social beings who interact with one another on many levels. Conflicting interests are an inherent part of social interaction and this leads to disagreements and clashes. The only solution to this is for there to be a law that respects the rights of all humans. 

The question is who is going to be the lawmaker; man or the Creator of man? A perfect lawmaker ought to meet the following criteria:

  • He should know mankind in all his physical and mental aspects including emotions, desires and intuitions.
  • He should be aware of the past, present and future of man to be able to find out the roots of the present problems in the past, and to foresee the impacts of the present issues in the future.
  • He should be knowledgeable enough to legislate laws that bring about the most benefit and the least harm .
  • He should be free from any sin or error.
  • He should be powerful and not be influenced or frightened from or by any power.
  • He should not have any personal benefit or interest.

It is clear that no human can ever meet any of these criteria. The only qualified lawmaker then is the Creator of humankind, the Almighty God.