According to the Islamic moral theory, the interests of other people are very important. Even the interests of animals and plants are very important. When we want to serve God we are asked to serve Him through serving His creation. God does not need our service Himself as He is free from any need. We are serving God when we do what serves our own interests or the interests of our family members, friends, colleagues, class mates, or indeed any other human being, or even animals or plants (for example by giving water to a flower), provided that we have good intentions. We must not be serving in order to pretend that we are nice people who are, for example, helping animals. When we do these actions in order to please God, they all become moral actions.

So far we have learnt that from the Islamic point of view, actions, qualities of the soul, intentions, the agent’s interests, and everyone else’s interests are all important and should all be taken into consideration.