A belief in revelation and the deputation of prophets is part of the belief in the universality of Divine guidance. The entire universe is proceeding towards its perfection. No existing thing in this world is at rest. Everything is moving towards its goal. Everything is being pushed to its goal by a metaphysical force existing within it. It is this force that is called Divine guidance. This is why the Holy Quran has used the term ‘revelation’ in connection with the guidance of inorganic material, plants and animals as it has been used in connection with the guidance of man. All that may be said is that revelation and guidance have degrees which vary in accordance with the degree of the perfection of different beings. The highest degree of revelation is that which is made to the Prophets. This kind of revelation is based on mankind’s need for Divine guidance so that they may proceed towards a final abode beyond this material world. God the Almighty has dispatched many Messengers from among humans to lead and guide them to the destination they are created for. The creation of man would otherwise be in vain.

We may prove the necessity of the need for the Prophets in another way. God the Almighty has blessed all types of beings with all they need for their perfection. He created birds to fly, so He has provided them with wings and a light body suitable for flying. He created eyes to observe objects and hence made for them muscles so they can rotate to all directions. Allah has blessed all beings in nature with whatever they need for their perfection. The deputation of messengers and prophets to guide mankind is necessary for humans to reach their perfection. If God has blessed everything in creation with the instruments to reach their perfection, surely He must have also blessed humans with prophets to guide them towards their own perfection.