Despite the previous facts regarding the necessity of prophets, there are some schools of thought such as Hinduism that not only deny the deputation of prophets but also consider the matter illogical and irrational. They argue that the intellect is sufficient to lead mankind to his perfection. They argue that whatever the messengers of God may bring to humans is either what they can comprehend with their own mind or would be beyond their ability to comprehend. They argue that as long as human beings are able to understand the matter, the message of the prophet is of no benefit. Whereas, if the message is going to be beyond their logic, which – in one way or the other – means it is illogical, then it can’t be acceptable, for that which is illogical belongs to the kingdom of animals.

This false argument is like saying no-one is in need of any teacher for, whatever the teacher is going to teach is either according to the logic of the students or is against their logic. In any case, the students do not need the teacher. The fallacy of the above argument is that they did not distinguish between what is against logic and what is not fully comprehensible by human logic. Thus, man is in need of the Divine Instruction to help them gain some knowledge of that which is logical, but which they have no access to without the teachings of the prophets.

The Prophets also have the role of reminding humankind of the intuitive knowledge which they possess but have become oblivious of.