Furthermore, the fact that people belong to different schools of ethics does not mean that they do not all agree that we should promote virtues and good actions. This is something which everyone accepts and tries to encourage. Therefore, it is possible to say that the aim of the science of akhlāq, or the aim of someone who studies it, is to promote good actions and virtues amongst human beings. Those actions and virtues can sometimes be on a more personal level and sometimes on a more social level. Some of the virtues which will be discussed later may relate to our relationship with God, our relationship with ourselves, our relationships with other people, or even our relationships with nature and the environment. These relationships can be very personal or very social, but in any case the aim of the science of akhlāq is to try to promote these values and virtues. As human beings, we aspire towards having individuals and communities that are governed by moral virtues. This is why throughout the centuries many people have reflected on and taught akhlāq and have written numerous books and essays on the subject.