1. Ethics has always received great attention from Muslims in general and Muslim scholars in particular. However, perhaps one can say that in contemporary times, it has received even more attention because the need for morality has become increasingly important.
  1. Due to the development of Islamic sciences and because people have started to specialise in different fields of Islamic studies in recent years, more academic work has been done on morality and related subjects such as moral philosophy.
  1. There has always been a tradition of teaching akhlāq and related subjects in the Islamic seminaries, but in the past,
    akhlāq was not studied as a discipline and as a separate field of study
  1. Now there are courses and programmes which focus entirely on ethics running in Jāmi‘at al-Zahrā (a), the Islamic seminaries of Qum, Payām-e-Nūr University, Al-Mustafā (s) University and also in other universities such as the University of Allamāh Tabātabā’ī in Tehran and the University of Qum.
  1. There have been many developments in the field of moral studies in recent years: the emergence of journals devoted to the specialised study of ethics, useful dissertations on ethical subjects, and the publication of encyclopaedias and very good books on morality written by great scholars.