1. In the science of akhlāq we learn everything we need to know about qualities and actions in order to become better human beings. However, the aim of akhlāq – and in a wider sense, spirituality – is not only to know in theory but to actually achieve all those virtues and perform those good actions so that we can become good people who resemble God in His qualities in the best way humanly possible.
  1. According to the Qur’an, morality is the most emphasised aspect of the lives of the prophets (a).
  2. Out of billions of human beings, 124,000 have been chosen as prophets (a) and out of these, five in particular were chosen (ulu al-‘ażm). God says that these five are the people who were patient. They are not described as people of knowledge – although they possessed this – nor people of bravery or anything similar to this; instead, God places the most emphasis on their determination, which is a moral quality.
  1. Morality should be the focal point in our struggle to become a better person and to be as close to God as possible.
  1. For someone to believe means that they must accept, admit, and acknowledge what they know to be true; thus, belief is more than simply knowing something. The reason some people believe in what they know to be true and others do not is rooted in their moral qualities. Therefore, faith and disbelief are voluntary actions that require certain moral qualities.
  2. There is a very well-known hadith from Prophet Muhammad (s) in which he says: The only reason for which I have been appointed by God as a prophet is to accomplish noble character traits.
  3. Makārim al-akhlāq (noble character traits) are different from mahāsin al-akhlāq (good character traits). Good character traits can be very general whereas noble ones are at the highest level of goodness.
  4. According to the Qur’an, the Prophet (s) himself had achieved noble character traits but then he also had to establish them amongst his followers. The world will not come to an end unless these character traits are established, after which the mission of Prophet Muhammad (s) and all other prophets (a) will be accomplished.
  5. At the end of times, Imam Mahdi (a) will reappear and establish justice and equality amongst all people. However, this will not be the end of the Prophet’s mission because when justice and social equality are established, it will be time for people to aspire to achieve noble character traits.