Why has man been searching for God? Why do we need to know God? What are the motivations for making inquiries about God? In general, there are three motivations for seeking God:

  • Rational Motive: From primitive man to the man of our age, man has always wondered about the magnificence of the world around him. Intrinsically, he has been interested to find out about the creator of this artistry.

  • Emotional Motive: As a human, I observe the fascinating life and environment around me. I know I haven’t made them myself. A power inside me, instinctually, is telling me to be grateful to the One who has created this wonderful life for me. In order for me to thank Him I ought to know Him first, and hence, I search for Him.

  • Instinctual Motive: Instinctual feelings are those feelings that require no reason. A beautiful landscape or a beautiful and fragrant flower is intrinsically admirable to all human beings. This is called the sense of beauty which is one of the instinctual, transcendental human driving forces. The tendency towards religion is one of the most powerful human vitalities. From the  Islamic point of view, the mission of the prophets was solely to rub off the dirt of false beliefs and desires. Their mission was not to prove God, for once this dirt is cleansed, the existence of God will be apparent.