Prophet Muhammad was sent with the Final Testament, the Holy Qur’an. This is the final and most complete Divine message to humankind. It is the message of Islam (submission to God), just as the message of the previous prophets such Abraham, Moses and Jesus was Islam. However, this is the most complete and perfect form of that message, and it will suffice mankind for the remainder of human history. The Holy Quran contains all the principle laws and knowledge that mankind needs for their prosperity. The Holy Quran is the only verbatim Word of God without any alteration or distortion occuring in it.  

The Ayah 40 of Surah 33, as well as numerous Prophetic traditions, indicate explicitly that Prophet Muhammad (P) is the last Messenger of Allah. Humankind has reached a state of mental maturity that by utilizing the general principles provided in the Quran and the Hadith they would be able to find answers for the new problems they face in their life. In addition to this, the Divine Leadership of the 12 successors of the Prophet of Islam (P) ending with the Present Imam Mahdi is safeguarding the religion of Islam.