In general, there is an order and a common law prevailing the universe. The whole universe is functioning very systematically. Science is established based on this existing natural law. If modern science is correct in saying that the universe began with a big bang, then had the rate of expansion been even fractionally slower or faster, life would not have been developed. The same precise order can be observed in every organism. Such a magnificent order leads us to the following theorem:

P.1: There is a precise order ruling the world.

P.2: Every precise order needs a precise and wise regulator.

C: The world must have a precise and wise regulator; God.

The Relation Between Order & Knowledge

We can prove the relation between Order and Knowledge in three different ways:

  • Common Sense: Anyone who has common sense will acknowledge that order is the immediate consequence of wisdom and knowledge, whereas chaos and disorder come from ignorance.
  • Logical Reason: We may be able to prove this relation by logical reasoning too. A well-ordered building requires seven logical relations:

2/1: the type of material used

2/2: quantity        

2/3: quality

2/4: shape and size

2/5: harmony among the parts

2/6: the ratio between the parts

2/7: the due place of each part

3. Probability: This is a mathematical proof. Suppose a letter is to be written by chance. For example, say that we were to calculate the probability of a word which consists of only two letters. Given that the English alphabet consists of 26 letters, the chance of the word IT randomly coming up is 1/676, as a result of 1/26  x 1/26. Now, for a random writing of a word which consists of three letters, the probability drops to 1/17576.