1. Divine Knowledge (Divine Education):

In order for human beings to reach the goal for which they are created, they need to know which path to follow and which one to refrain from. If there were no prophets, how did we know about the Hereafter which is beyond man’s knowledge?! This type of knowledge is what man has no access to, except through revelation.

In short, the prophets are the messengers of God to educate man about the facts which they need to know but are beyond their knowledge.

2. Theoretical Purification

Purifying the soul of humans is another mission of the prophets. Purification means to purify man’s soul from all types of rust which are misleading him; the rust of selfishness, racism, and all evil deeds and intentions. God is absolutely Pure, rather He is the source of all that is pure.  In order for mankind to reach that Pureness, they must purify themselves as much as possible. 

3. Practical Purification

Imitation and copying others, especially the one someone loves, is a human characteristic. The easiest way to adopt a habit  or character is to imitate someone who is the crystallisation of that character.

To this end, the Prophets, who are the best and the healthiest models of purified humans, are dispatched to be the practical role models to humanity. Had Angels been sent to humans as the messengers of God, man would not have had a practical model from his own nature to adopt his characters.

4. Developing Society to Social Justice 

In order for man to enjoy a wholesome life in this world and be able to worship God freely, there must be social justice and equity, free from oppression and discrimination. 

Prophets are necessary for the development of social justice. They came with Divine Books (law), from He who is fully acquainted with man’s requirements, and they themselves enforced the divine law thoroughly.

Laws and legal systems, whether national or global, are never free from bias and always end up favouring those who have greater power, wealth and influence. The only way to achieve true justice is to follow the Divine law, as taught by the Prophets of God. 

5. Freedom from the Bondage of Humans 

The history of mankind from the ancient time to the present has been dominated by different types of slavery, human ownership, dominance and exploitation of one group of people by another. This varies from the simplest type of slavery as was practiced in ancient Greece to the modern types of oppression and discrimination which are undertaken in the name of freedom and liberation. 

Types of human bondage:

1) Slavery,

2) Superstitions,

3) Idolatry,

4) Ignorance,

5) Caste Systems,

6) Ethnic and Tribal Fanaticism,

7) Autocracy (dictatorship),

8) Colonial Exploitation,

9) Cultural Imperialism

Submission to God and servitude to only Him is the only way to liberate humankind from all types of human bondage. This is the central task of the prophets.

6. Providing a Peaceful Life

The shortest, as well as the most comprehensive way, to express the mission of the prophets is to overwhelmingly provide a peaceful and tranquil life to humanity at large. The Holy Quran suggests that the mission of the prophets provides ‘LIFE’ to humanity in all aspects; being material, spiritual, educational, economic, political, moral and social. Believing in Allah and Divine Recompense leads society towards a peaceful life in which no-one dares violate the rights of others. Humankind will do good for the hope of reward in an eternal life to come, and avoid evil for fear of punishment in the eternal life to come. These divine teachings will provide individuals as well as societies with the motivation to establish peace and equity.