Exclusive devotion means to be cut off from anything other
than God. In other words, to be free from reliance on
anything other than Him and to see everything as a sign and
manifestation of His power and grace. True servants of
God live within society and do not isolate themselves from
other people, but at the same time, they remain totally

mindful of God and remember Him constantly. The Qur’an
praises a group of people for whom neither business nor
trading distracts them from remembering God, keeping up
prayers, and giving alms:

…by men whom neither trading nor bargaining
distracts from the remembrance of Allah and the
maintenance of prayer and the giving of zakat. They
are fearful of a day wherein the heart and the sight
will be transformed (24:37)4

Imam Ali (a) and other members of the household of the
Prophet (s) called upon God saying:

My God! Make me completely cut off from all
else but You, and enlighten the vision of our
hearts with the radiance of looking at You,
until the vision of our hearts penetrates the
veils of light and reaches the source of
grandeur. And set our spirit to be suspended
at the glory of Your sanctity.5