1. Book of Actions

In a number of Ayaat and many Ahadith, the issue of the Book of Actions is mentioned as one of the characteristics of the Day of Resurrection.

In general, the Book of Actions is something that each and every individual or each nation will carry with them which consists of their entire actions in this world, good or bad.

Although there are different interpretations for the nature of the book, it seems it is the soul of humans in which the impacts of all actions are firmly penetrated and rooted. Those impacts are not only rooted in the souls of man, but they are also engraved in the entire world around which the action has taken place.

The engravings are not understandable for us while we are in this world, yet they are so natural and irrefutable.

The book, according to Ayah 13 in Chapter 17 of the Quran, will be hung around the neck of individuals. The neck is a resemblance of receiving the reward or punishment. For, both the medals of reward and the chains of punishment are hung around the neck.

On the Day of Resurrection, every soul shall read his/her Book of Actions. The book will be handed over to its, and only its, author; i.e. the doer. Once you look at your book, every single action accompanied with its real intention is precisely, with all the details, engraved in the book. The most comprehensive biography of your life – It contains the entire life of the person, from the cradle to the grave. By then, “…because of what is recorded therein, they will say: Ah! Woe to us! What a book this is! It leaves out nothing small or great, but takes account thereof.”

 2. Embodiment of Actions

Another characteristic of the Day of Resurrection is the embodiment of our actions. Numerous Ayaat and Hadiths present the idea that, on the Day of Resurrection, each and every individual will see the real picture of his/her actions.

From an Islamic point of view, each action has a worldly appearance and a real face. The worldly appearance is what is seen in this world. This appearance may or may not be the same as the real picture of the action. In other words, the relation between this world and the Hereafter is like the world of dreams and that of wakefulness. As what we see in the dream may have a different or even an opposite picture in reality,  what we act upon may also have a different picture in the Hereafter.

A Prophetic saying describes alcoholic drinks as fire, for the Prophet in his ascension has seen the real picture of it. Also, being kind to the parents is seen by the Prophet as a kind and compassionate companion in the Hereafter.