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  Are you just starting out, or are you looking to expand your knowledge? Are you more informed in one area and less in others?  Chose your level each step of the way!

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Follow our guided path on all fundamentals – beliefs, ethics, Qur’an and more! Watch videos, read books, and create a foundation of knowledge in the subject of your choice. 

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 As you progress through the lessons, earn badges and prizes to show how far you’ve come! You can stop at any lesson, whenever you need, and then come back to it when you’re ready.

Study At Your Own Pace

No class times, no meetings, no deadlines. Learn whenever it’s convenient for you and fits in your busy schedule. Your progress will always be right where you left it! 

begin your journey of knowledge

 The abundance of Islamic material on the internet can be excited, but also intimidating. How do you know which sources you can trust? What topics should you begin with? How can you track the progress you’ve made? 

Islamic Beliefs is a subsidiary of Al-Kisa Foundation under the guidance of respected scholar Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi. All materials are vetted by scholars, and then thoughtfully ordered. Our guided paths combine original content  with content from across the Shi’ah knowledge base; books, videos, and more. We did the work so that you can spend all of your time learning!


Choose Your Difficulty Level

Each subject on our guided learning paths has three levels to chose from.

Not sure which best is the best fit for you? Chose a level to begin, jump back, or jump ahead, and save your progress as you go! 


Expand your understanding.

For those who’ve taken a class or two


Solidify your fundamentals

For those with some knowledge, but no serious study 


Build your foundation.

For those who want everything laid out 

Choose your course subject


Called as ‘Aqa’id’ in Arabic, this path explores all the fundamental concepts and philosophies of the Islamic faith


Called ‘Aklaq’ in Arabic, this path covers the codes of Islamic behavior; to yourself, to your family, to society, and to God


Called ‘Fiqh’ in Arabic, this path explains the guidelines that Muslims follow in their daily lives and worship

Noble Qur'an

Explore the book of Allah and it’s message through our set of  guided lessons, and access the deeper meaning

Track your progress

In Islam, seeking, gathering, and acquiring knowledge is a lifelong endeavor. 

We begin on the path to greater knowledge, and with effort, we climb.

As we learn, we apply those lessons to ourselves, and try to build a better version of ourselves. We strive for our own small slice of perfection that is a reflection of Allah. 

Every step brings us that much closer to knowing our Lord and our purpose. In the Noble Qur’an, Allah says:

‘If you take one step towards me, I take ten steps towards you’. 

 On our guided tracks, our goal is to help you make those steps, so that, God willing, we can all find a little more spiritual growth and a little more connection to our creator. 



learn at your own pace

Whether you’re a student, a professional, a parent (or more than one of these!), you likely feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We all want to grow spiritually – but so often, the daily demands of life have a more urgent pull on our time. On our guided learning paths, you can add Islamic learning into your day whenever you get a free moment. Sit down, do a module or two, then save your progress and come back whenever you’re ready! Your progress will always be waiting for you.